New Belgium La Folie

Oh lord, another beer available in TX from me. At least it will not be available in this format long; soon it’ll come in it’s little “Lips of Faith” bombers and these 750’s that are hand-bottled will become a thing of the past. If the beer weren’t $20.56 with tax, I’d buy another to age, but alas, we can’t have all the good beer in our cellar eh? Well anyways onto what you came here for.

New Belgium is a very widely known brewery, and they come to us from Ft. Collins, CO. Within the past few months, TX has slowly been getting some of their brews other than Fat Tire. I know that’s crazy but, they brew more than just Fat Tire. Most of their offerings available here in TX are decent and satisfy the palate of people looking for something different but not too off into the deep end, which is all fine and dandy until you come across this jewel of a beer.

La Folie is a wood-aged beer that sits in french oak barrels anywhere between 1-3 years and gets a nice sour flavor that is incredible. Not only is this beer exclusive because it’s aged in French oak, but it’s also hand bottled, numbered and corked, which is a rare treat in the beer world if you ask me.

New Belgium La Folie

So here we go, off into the world of sour beers with a great example of the style. This bottle was bottled in January of this year, so it’s semi-fresh. Color is deep brown with an off white/cream head that fades to a ring in no time at all. The nose is tart cherries, sour apples, oak and barnyard (funk), along with a crapload of things I can’t even dwell into. I could sniff this beer for hours honestly, and the list would keep on going.

Wow, so incredibly smooth with a very tart cherry flavor backed with oak and barnyard. For those not familiar with the term barnyard, please check out this link. On its way down you can taste the sour cherries and apples until it hits your stomach, then you get the slight acidic burn from eating too many Sour Patch kids at one time. That feeling fades quite fast, and then you’re left with a gorgeously coated mouth of oak and cherry.

Oh, and as for the abv of this beer, don’t even worry about it. It only weighs in at 6% so finishing a whole 750ml of this is no massive chore unless you’re not into sour things.

So there you go folks, the first sour beer review on As I get my hands on more sours I’ll be reviewing more for you guys but, until then, please search these beers out or request them at your local beer store or bar. TX needs more sour beers.

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