Breweriana – Collecting Beer Paraphenalia

The enormous variety of beers, breweries, and beer brewing methods extending around the globe and permeating many different societies provides ample hunting ground for the breweriana connoisseur. From beer bottles and labels to bar towels and beer glasses, the options for starting a breweriana collection are numerous and bound only by your imagination and your storage space.

Beer aficionados find their treasures in a variety of markets, from traditional bars and fairs to flea markets and garage sales. Classic beer collectables are always available to the knowledgeable breweriana expert or the rank beginner starting a bottle collection.

Meanwhile, breweriania experts are always on the lookout for the best of the golden brews. One of the finest places to sample a number of quaffable beers is at Oktoberfest. This world-famous Bavarian beer festival starts mid-September and runs through the beginning of October. Over six million visitors down pints at the temporary beer tent village assembled on an open parkland in the historic town of Munich in the south of Germany.

But you don’t have to travel to Germany to taste the delectable brews of Oktoberfest. Many cities around the world include Oktoberfest among their autumn celebrations. What better place to meet up with fellow collectors to brag about your treasured breweriana.

If you’re passionate about collecting and haven’t decided what to collect or how, do a bit of research before you start investing. Some breweriana experts started collecting free stuff—matchbook covers, coasters or beer bottle caps—because they couldn’t afford to travel far or buy expensive items. Once you start collecting, your own breweriana will trigger stories and memories of your travels and how you found that illusive must-have item to complete a set.

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