Display Cases and More for Beer Collectables

Beer collectables range from caps and coasters to full bottles or cans. Regardless of what beer memorabilia you collect, you need a storage method that keeps your collectables in good condition, while allowing you to enjoy your collection and show it to others.

Display Cases and Curio Cabinets

Any beer collector can pick up a set of open-air shelves for less than twenty dollars from a local discount store. But if you really care about your collection, a glass-enclosed display case will help maintain the quality of your collection and keep it dust-free. You can find basic display cases or corner units for around $150.

High-end display cases can cost as much as $1500, and even more for custom-made displays. While the prices may seem a little steep, glass-enclosed display cases protect your collection and look nice enough to complement any d├ęcor.

Bottle Caps Galore

Bottle caps are popular collectibles due because they’re easy to move and inexpensive to store. Display cases are great for showing off larger collectables, but should you do when your collection is limited to bottle caps alone? One popular strategy is to use baseball card storage books, which are a relatively cheap way to protect your bottle caps. These three ring binders hold plastic pages that, with a little bit of creativity, can be the perfect space-saving storage technique.

You can store a larger collection of beer bottle caps in small filing cabinets. Inside the cabinet drawer, insert boards with small raised knobs to secure the caps and prevent them from sliding around. Of course, this storage method involves a lot more work on your part.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Beer Bottles

If you home is too small to accommodate a growing collection, a simple picture album can do the trick. Simply take a picture of your cans, bottles, and caps and place them in an ordinary photo album. Fellow collectors can appreciate your collection and you can include pictures that show where and how you acquired a new piece. Just make sure your kids don’t borrow the album for show-and-tell at school.