Real Ale Lost Gold IPA

So where have we been the past 2 years? I figure that we all got caught up in life and kind of put this on the backburner. Now don’t get confused, I’ve still been drinking new beers and reviewing them, just not long reviews like I do here at The Beer Blog. If you’re interested in my shorthand reviews head over to Ratebeer. Once we get back into the swing of things you’ll see more reviews that make you want to drink more beer. Well, onto the review, I apologize for the absence and plan on making it up to you guys.

Whew, 2 years without an entry is quite a long time, so I figured since I was coming back I’d start it off with a local TX beer, granted that it is a limited release. So let’s get onto the beer.

This beer comes from the Texas Hill Country in a town called Blanco. Now, in Blanco there is a river named the Blanco, which just happens to be the source of water for the brewery. They also named their GABF award winning beer after the river, Rio Blanco Pale Ale, if you haven’t had that yet, you’re missing out on a great beer. Lost Gold used to be only available on tap until this year. Over the past year or two Real Ale has been bottling their “tap only” beers and they’ve been very well received by the public. You’ll have to pick up some Devil’s Backbone which was just released this week. In the fall you can pick up their delicious Coffee Porter and find barrel aged versions on tap. Well let’s move onto the review.

The beer pours a gorgeous golden amber color with a cream colored head that lasts for a little while then dissipates into a small ring. The aromas really pull you into the beer with loads of citrus, followed by pine, chewy passion fruit (not real good with fruit aromas), and a faint stickiness that seems almost resinous from the hops.

On the palate you’ve got a beer with a great medium palate. It’s not real thick and it’s not thin by any means. Honestly, it’s quite perfect for an IPA. The hops definitely shine through with their citrus and fruity flavors, these are followed by a very resinous after flavor. There’s something a little different though, when you think IPA you think hop bomb, not this one. The malts are a big player in this beer. The malts are definitely bringing out a lot of the sweeter characteristics of this beer. They’re giving it an almost chewy feel honestly. As much as I love my huge IPA’s that kick you in the face with hops, this one is quite fitting for how I feel right now.

Well that about sums up my review for this beer, while I wrote this I managed to drink a bottle of it. Then it occurred to me that I had to actually finish the review and opened a second one. Thanks Real Ale for the great beer, and thanks for bottling it so I don’t have to pay 5 bucks for a pint of it.

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